Our story

TikTik is a breakthrough innovation in the field of instant food.

•For the 1st time ever, you can have the perfect Koshary dish in 5 mins by just adding water

•Forget the hassle of cooking and waiting for delivery, now with TikTik everyone can have their favorite dish anywhere, anytime

•Enjoy the amazing smell and taste of the home made Koshary, by adding the Tomato sauce, Chili and Fried Onions Sachets inside TikTik Pack


Why is TIKTIK your new favorite meal

Free from preservatives, artificial colorants or flavors

Great source of clean protein, perfect for a post work out meal

A vegan balanced meal, that gives you all the nutrition your body needs

Large portion that will leave you happy and full

A hassle-free meal, prepared in 5 minsby just adding water

Nutrition Facts

History of Koshary

It is believed that Koshary originated in India under the name “khichuri”, and it was only lentils and rice.

The British arrived in Egypt in the late 1800′s and brought the dish with them

The Italian community in Egypt thought of adding pasta to it!

The Egyptians then added the spicy vinegar tomato sauce, and the fried onions to create our modernday Egyptian “Koshary”.