TikTik Instant Koshary ( Family Pack )

Say goodbye to unhealthy snacking. With IrkTik all you need is some hot water and In 5 mins will have a super tasty and healthy meal on the go. With lentils. pasta. rice. vermicelli. Tomato sauce and fried onions. TikTik will give you a complete tasty meal Ilt for a champ.

A Family size pack that conveniently serves 3-4 people. In just 5 mins you will have your delicious lunch served For the whole family! All you need is just hot water and you’re good to go.


For the 1st time ever, you can have the perfect Koshary dish in 5 mins by just adding water.

Forget the hassle of cooking and waiting for delivery, now with TikTik everyone can have their favorite dish anywhere, anytime, to enjoy the amazing smell and taste of the home made Koshary, by adding the Tomato sauce, Chili and Fried Onions Sachets inside TikTik Pack